WAMAP Access and Info

This quarter, the course will be using the WAMAP Assessment Site to deliver homework assignments and other files. It may also be used to administer quizzes or exams for this course. In order for the site to work correctly on your computer, you may have to install browser plug-ins that allow you to read the mathematical formulas and graphs that will be displayed. Please follow the instructions below to gain access to the site and get it working correctly on your machine.


Go to http://www.wamap.org Do NOT attempt to log in or Register as a new student until you do a browser check. Click the link boxed in the snapshot below. (The picture below is not an active link. It's just a picture!)

2) On the page that appears, you may be instructed to download and install browser plugins such as the Math Player, AdobeSVGViewer, and/or Math Fonts. Download and install all the plugins the browser check advises, RESTART your machine, and repeat the browser check to insure all is working properly.
4) Once your browser is set up properly make your way back to the login page and log in. Your user name is your student ID number, with dashes included. For example, don't input 980459875. Instead, use 980-45-9875. Your password is the last four digits of your student ID number.
5) If you have problems, it may be because you have not been added to WAMAP site due to late registration in this course. If you're adding the course or registering late, I will have to manually add you to WAMAP, so let me know if you can't access the site.