SCCC CSC102B Information
IMPORTANT: Starting Fall 2009, MATH116 and MATH&148 will require entry codes for registration. In order to obtain an entry code, students will first have to enroll in CSC102B (or MATH209B). For more information on how to obtain an entry code, please visit

All sections of MAT116 currenlty have CSC102B (formerly MATH298B) as a co-requisite since all sections will be computer based. This course provides information needed to complete the major projects in 116 (and 117) and focuses on Excel, Equation Editor, Word and Powerpoint. It is designed to HELP YOU succeed in 116 (and 148 as well). Many of the advanced tools you will learn are used in business settings but are not typically taught in introductory software classes. Most material is presented in self-paced tutorials. The course goes for the first four and a half weeks of the quarter, with two required meetings - one in the first week (Course Intro) and one in the fifth (Final Quiz). Optional meetings are avaliable in the 2nd and 3rd weeks for those who want help.

***If you think you do not need this class because you already "know" Excel, you're probably wrong!
Please see the
following important link to determine if you REALLY know what you need to for MATH116 and MATH148

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